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February 10 2014


Warlords of Tripoli

Warlords of TripoliWelcome to Tripoli, Lebanon's second-largest city and a town living on the brink of chaos. Tripoli's only an hour-drive north of the glittering boutiques and flash nightclubs in Beirut but it's a completely different world. Like neighboring Syria, Tripoli is a predominantly Sunni Muslim city in a...

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February 03 2014


Taliban Child Fighters

Taliban Child FightersAs the British and US-led troops get ready to abandon Afghanistan, they leave behind a country in the hands of the Taliban. And the next generations aren't merely blameless observers of the continuous war- some of them have also become contributors. Dispatches acquire exclusive admission to meet...

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January 07 2014


Rojava: Syria's Unknown War

Rojava: Syria's Unknown WarNorth-east Syria is one of the most complex and under-reported fronts in the entire Syrian war. Kurdish fighters, affiliated with the PKK, have used the disintegration of Syria to carve out an autonomous state there, in the country's north-east - Syria's Kurdish heartland - and Turkey's really...

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November 01 2013


Unmanned: America's Drone Wars

Unmanned: America's Drone WarsThe U.S. preferences are always to capture the terrorists because of the intelligence that can be gathered, but lots of the terrorist networks operate in a very remote regions and it's very difficult to capture them. However, of what we can discern from the pattern of drone...

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October 12 2013


The Enemy Within: The Pakistani Taliban

The Enemy Within: The Pakistani TalibanIslamabad looks as colorful as ever, but even the capital is on constant warning. Pakistan is under aggression from within. More than 5,000 Pakistani soldiers have been executed and nearly 9,000 injured battling militants on the western border. Some of the terrorists are Afghan and Arab fanatics...

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September 29 2013


Long Shot

Long ShotIn the spring of 2013 Texas-based startup, TrackingPoint, unveiled the first ever precision-guided firearm, which is essentially a long-range laser-guided rifle. They call it the gun off tomorrow. You don't have to be an experienced shooter, you don't have to be someone who's put thousands of rounds...

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September 07 2013


Searching for Steele

Searching for SteeleIt’s ten years since America invaded Iraq. Ten years and over 120,000 dead. Among them over 4,400 American soldiers. Back then, US administration funded a deadly, paramilitary force to fight those threatening the American presence. It was a decision that helped fuel a sectarian civil war that...

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August 18 2013


The Battle for Syria

The Battle for SyriaSince defecting from the Syrian Army early in 2012, former colonel Abu Muhammed has been trying to organise rebel forces. His new comrades aren’t used to taking orders. It’s Abu Mohammed’s responsibility to distribute ammunition and the rebels fighting the Syrian Army on the frontline are running...

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July 11 2013


The Bombing of al-Bara

The Bombing of al-BaraOlly Lambert has been filming in Syria for about two or three weeks and he really wanted to get an interview with Jamal Maarouf. He’s the commander of the Martyrs of Syria Brigade which is one of the biggest units of the Free Syrian Army and definitely...

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May 25 2013


This Is What Winning Looks Like

This Is What Winning Looks LikeThis is a disturbing, new documentary about the ineptitude, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and corruption of the Afghan security forces as well as the reduced role of US Marines due to the troop withdrawal. In part one, we see just how chaotic and hopeless the situation is

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May 12 2013


America’s War Games

America’s War GamesThe United States’ military expenditures today account for about 40 percent of the world total. In 2012, the US spent some $682bn on its military – an amount more than what was spent by the next 13 countries combined. Now that the war in Iraq is over

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May 11 2013


Benghazi Rising

Benghazi RisingThe conflict that erupted in Benghazi was as unexpected as it was cataclysmic, but at its heart lay years of hurt and political repression. Through personal stories told by the people of Benghazi, we trace the conflict from its beginnings in a small protest over one lawyers

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March 21 2013


The Unending War

The Unending WarThis documentary recounts the story of the veterans who withdrew from the US army after realizing the truth to the made-up excuses of the US for Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The US invasions and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan after the September 11th incidents, under the name

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July 27 2012


The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan ProjectThe Moment in Time documents the uncertain days of the beginning of World War II when it was feared the Nazis were developing the atomic bomb. The history of the bomb’s development is traced through recollections of those who worked on what was known as “the gadget”.

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March 29 2012


Mission Accomplished

Mission AccomplishedSean Langan’s documentary Mission Accomplished is comprised primarily of Langan’s travels through Iraq a few months after President Bush declared that the end of major combat operations had been reached. Langan includes footage of firefights and suicide bombers, as well as interviews with those who have taken

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March 06 2012


The Secret Iraq Files

The Secret Iraq FilesIn the biggest leak of military secrets in history, WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website, has released 400,000 secret US files detailing every aspect of the war in Iraq, copies of which have been obtained by Al Jazeera. The sheer magnitude of data contained in the secret files reveals

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February 27 2012


The Wehrmacht

The WehrmachtHitler’s army thundered through Europe from 1939 to 1945 and brought needless death and destruction to the continent. What was it like to serve in this army? To conduct one of the bloodiest wars in history? To occupy half of Europe and yet to suffer total defeat?

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February 01 2012


Tears of Gaza

Tears of GazaIn a rough style, by way of unique footage, the brutal consequences of modern wars are exposed. The film also depicts the ability of women and children to handle their everyday life after a dramatic war experience. Many of them live in tents or in ruins without

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December 15 2011


Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields

Sri Lanka's Killing FieldsOne of the most graphic television documentaries ever shown in the United Kingdom, this documentary outlines some of the atrocities that were committed during the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war and features amateur video footage from the conflict zone filmed by civilians and Sri

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November 28 2011


World War II in Colour

World War II in ColourA collection of rare and unseen footage of World War II and the very latest colorization techniques come together in World War II in Colour. With satellite-delivered terrain mapping and state-of-the-art graphics, this new series reveals the epic conflict of the 20th century in a fresh light.

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