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February 26 2014

Rule from the Shadows: The Psychology of Power
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February 25 2014


The Collective Evolution III: The Shift

The Collective Evolution III: The Shift This is the third installment from the series The Collective Evolution in which the authors claim that there's a rebellious fluctuation stirring every aspect of our planet. The people are waking up, they're in the streets, they're educating themselves, and they're demanding change. It seems the days...

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February 24 2014


What Difference Does It Make?

What Difference Does It Make? This is a film about making music. It gets to the bottom of what is needed to be a musician and contemplates on some of the fundamental questions of life itself. It investigates the difficulties that a life in music can create. Shot by award-winning director Ralf...

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February 23 2014


Apocalypse, Man

Apocalypse, Man The planet is being destroyed all around us. Using money to try to address that problem is like shooting yourself in the foot. Evolve or parish, grow up or die... an entirely new level of human consciousness is needed right now or we're all dead. Mankind openly...

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February 22 2014


Cheetah: Against All Odds

Cheetah: Against All Odds In the Serengeti cheetahs live edgy lives. Females with cubs must hunt for food and if left alone their offspring are prone to the cruelty of more dominant predators. Even scavengers can abuse this slim feline built for speed. Cheetahs are the most agile but also the...

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February 18 2014


Don't Panic: The Truth About Population

Don't Panic: The Truth About PopulationWe live in a world of relentless change. Huge migrations of people to new mega-cities filling soaring skyscrapers and vast slums, ravenous appetites for fuel and food, unpredictable climate change... and all this in a world where the population is still growing. Should we be worried, should...

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Tags: Society

February 16 2014



PricelessEvery morning, every United States senator wakes up and his first thought is... "Today I have to raise $20,000... or at the end of the next elections I will not have a job." This documentary is about the government and citizens who want to do a better...

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Tags: Politics

February 15 2014


My Life As a Gamer

My Life As a GamerIt's really amazing to see how the gaming community is coming together with the gaming industry in an effort to raise donations for kids. Gaming for Good is basically just a website where developers donate their games and when gamers donate to charity they get those games...

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Tags: Society

February 13 2014


Rollin: The Rise of the Drug Economy in Detroit

Rollin: The Rise of the Drug Economy in DetroitDetroit was once the seed of the world's greatest economic empire - the auto-industry. Whether you came from Southern Europe, the Middle East or the American South the factories were always hiring and the pay was good. But as this empire of cars weakened and crumbled the...

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Tags: Drugs

February 12 2014


No Sex Please, We're Japanese

No Sex Please, We're JapaneseThe world's population is seven billion people and counting, and when you come to Tokyo it feels like most of them live there. But Japan is so different to any other country in the world... men and women are drifting apart. Experts are predicting that within the...

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Tags: Society

February 11 2014


Seeds of Permaculture

Seeds of PermacultureOne of the reasons for shooting this film is the global climate change. All around the world, as you know, places are experiencing odd weather events. All around the world, whether you're in South America, in North America, in Europe, in Asia, people are experiencing weather patterns...

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Tags: Environment

February 10 2014


Warlords of Tripoli

Warlords of TripoliWelcome to Tripoli, Lebanon's second-largest city and a town living on the brink of chaos. Tripoli's only an hour-drive north of the glittering boutiques and flash nightclubs in Beirut but it's a completely different world. Like neighboring Syria, Tripoli is a predominantly Sunni Muslim city in a...

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February 09 2014


The Taxing Question of Land

The Taxing Question of LandRecession, unemployment, poverty, a lack of funding for public services, battling the deficit, the rising cost of health care, not having enough money to buy a home... what is the source to these economic troubles? Why is it so hard to afford a roof over our heads?...

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Tags: Economics

February 07 2014


Swamp Tigers

Swamp TigersEntangled, mangrove forest on the Bay of Bengal is the kingdom of a creature rarely seen by humans. One of the most efficient predators on Earth, this animal is feared as a killer and a man-eater - the legendary swamp tiger. These tigers are so elusive that...

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Tags: Nature

The Whole World Is Watching

The Whole World Is WatchingIf George Holliday, a 31-year-old plumbing contractor living in Lake View Terrace, Los Angeles, had not taken his camera outside to capture one footage, the beating of Rodney King, one of the most remembered human-rights atrocities of the 20th century may have gone completely unnoticed except by...

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Tags: Media

February 05 2014


Reinventing Space Flight

Reinventing Space FlightA small group of scientists has come to Fairbanks, Alaska to realize what may seem an impossible dream... to revolutionize space travel. They're there to test components of this rocket by sending them aboard helium balloons to an altitude of 30 kilometers into the harsh environment of...

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Tags: Science

February 04 2014


Serengeti: The Adventure

Serengeti: The AdventureEndless plains - that's what Serengeti means in the Maasai language. 30,000 square kilometers of African Savannah shared between Tanzania and Kenya. Wildlife filmmaker Reinhard Radke spent two years in this wilderness in the hunt for spectacular images. It's the first German cinema film about the Serengeti...

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Tags: Nature

February 03 2014


Taliban Child Fighters

Taliban Child FightersAs the British and US-led troops get ready to abandon Afghanistan, they leave behind a country in the hands of the Taliban. And the next generations aren't merely blameless observers of the continuous war- some of them have also become contributors. Dispatches acquire exclusive admission to meet...

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February 02 2014


Drugs, Inc. - Cartel City, Arizona

Drugs, Inc. - Cartel City, ArizonaPhoenix, Arizona is one of the extensive drug centers of America, and now it's under jurisdiction of one of Mexico's most dominant and brutal drug syndicates, the Sinaloa Cartel. With a formidable authority south of the border, the cartel uses Phoenix as a starting point for their...

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Tags: Drugs

Legalize Democracy

Legalize DemocracyThe most dangerous threat to democracy in the United States of America is the mistaken belief that they actually practice one... because democracy is not a noun, it's a verb. "Demos" means "the people", and "kratia" means "rule", so the word democracy means "the people rule." We...

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Tags: Politics
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